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We absolutely love getting questions about Osteobroth.   Below are some frequently asked questions, feel free to submit your own!
Is Osteobroth all natural?   Absolutely.  Osteobroth is all natural, made from USDA inspected fresh chickens with no added hormones and has no antibiotics. 
Is Osteobroth made in the USA?   Yes, Osteobroth is made from USA ingredients and is manufactured in California.
What are the spices used in Osteobroth?   Celery and Sage
Do you use MSG or yeast extract?   NO!  We use no MSG , yeast extract or artificial flavor enhancers.
Is the chondroitin in Osteobroth naturally occurring or do you add it?   It is naturally occurring.  Our broth has been standardized to naturally contain 5% chondroitin.
Why did you create a dehydrated broth?   Our goal was to create a nutritionally consistent broth that was suitable for both the clinical and grocery markets.   In order for it to be clinically appropriate we had to be able to consistently deliver the proper amount of collagen and chondroitin in every serving.  After making hundreds of broths we found that level of consistency wasn't possible with liquid broths.    The consistency is just one of the major benefit Osteobroth.
What do you say to people who think Bone Broth is think is just soup?   What do you call water that has been poured through ground coffee?...Coffee.....then what is espresso?  It's also water poured through ground coffee, but there is enough of a difference that we accept the need to differentate the two.    Bone Broth is the high protein, ultimate expression of a chicken soup that has been created for its healthy benefits.  In the same way that you can get all vitamin C you want from oranges but you have to eat a lot of oranges to equal the amount of a vitamin C tablet.  You have to cook down a lot of chickens to get the collagen protein found in Osteobroth.  The invention of the vitamin tablet made getting essential nutrients easier, so did the invention of Osteobroth.  
 Why are you in the bone broth business?   We want to help people improve their health & well-being by providing specific essential nutrients that they otherwise do not get or attain in sufficient amounts in their hectic daily life.
The way that we do it is by tapping into generations of shared global natural food knowledge and combining it with the latest trends in convenient food supplement delivery.
The result is a nutritionally consistent, dehydrated, shelf stable chicken bone broth made from USDA inspected fresh chickens with no added hormones, antibiotics, artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or flavors, with 12 grams of protein and only 50 calories.    
Please send your questions to info@osteobroth.com   We are here for you!   
yours in health

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