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Yes, Bone Broth is Paleo!

Yes, Bone Broth is Paleo

Bone broth is becoming a staple of the Paleo diet.  Homemade bone broth is amazing but time consuming and not everyone has the time to prepare it consistently enough to have it every day.    As Paleo eaters ourselves, we made the commitment not to sell out and settle for anything that wasn't a true Paleo dehydrated bone broth.  As we developed this product over the past 2 years we kept a few goals in mind that were non-negoatiable.

- Create a true Paleo bone broth powder that is shelf stable and delicious.  

- Ease of use, portability-  we camp, we hike, we travel and we wanted a broth we could take with us.

- insure that it delivers the important collagen protein at levels as high as we possibly can.  

- Keep it clean.  We kept our ingredients as simple as possible and added no artificial anything.  The dehydration process gives it its fantastic shelf life.  

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