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Five Ways to Take an Osteobroth Break

It’s the middle of the day, and you might find yourself feeling a little stressed or sluggish. Time to hit the reset button. We want to help you nourish and recharge yourself to power through your day. How so? Some energy from quality protein and nifty midday tips to help you conquer your agenda.

Taking short, frequent breaks throughout your day is said to be beneficial for productivity, motivation and concentration, and helps you beat the workday burnout. Not to mention, getting a little movement in your day (and stepping away from the desk) can help prevent headaches, back and neck pain, eye strain and other ailments.

First things first- pick an activity that makes you happy and feel refreshed (and have your Osteobroth at the ready). Try skipping the traditional coffee break and get the nutrients your body needs from bone broth. Here are some of our favorite ways to boost our energy and refocus.

Mix these tips with two tablespoons of Osteobroth and 8 oz. of hot water!

Desk warrior stretches.

Sitting at a desk all day can do a number on your body and your mind. Bid that muscle and joint stiffness (and stress) farewell with these basics.

Find your om.

If your day is feeling a little more stressful than you’d like, finding meditative tranquility, healthy circulation and balance through a quick yoga sesh or meditation might be the right choice. Try these five yoga poses you can even do at your desk!

Walk it out.

We can’t stress this one enough. For many of us, nearly our entire day revolves around sitting. Whether it’s a walk around the building, parking lot or park- walking will stimulate that blood flow, boost your energy, burn some calories and hopefully clear your mind. Lace up and get out.

Turn up the tunes.

Music lovers- who says you can’t have a little fun with your standard 10 to 15-minute workday break? Find your favorite playlist, dance it out, or maybe even combine your tunes with a quick walk or jog. Don’t be surprised when your mood improves.

Feed your brain.

With a little Osteobroth, of course, but also by spending some time away from the to-do list with some reading. Delve into a book chapter or magazine for some much needed pleasure from the non-work related.

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