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Cleanse Results: Broth Works!

The results are in and the 12 Days of Christmas Cleanse was a success! If you recall the parameters of the cleanse was toxin elimination through omitting processed sugars, grains, dairy, legumes, tree nuts, meat, and shell fish for 12 days. My goal of losing 1.5 inches all-around was EXCEEDED because through this duration, I returned to foundational nutrition by way of bone broth.
My body measurements in inches:

Before  After
Chest 31 31
Waist 27.5 26.75
Hips 35.5 35
Thigh 16.5 16
Bicep 10 10

Total Loss? 1.75!

What did I experience?

Total body restoration. My skin purged and cleared, my body slimmed, my digestion improved and my sugar cravings subsided completely. Some interesting things happened that I didn’t expect, such as my realization pertaining to calorie intake. The traditional large meals that we are familiar with ingesting are not as necessary as we think. I was pleasantly surprised that Osteobroth in combination of eating an appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables was quite filling.

It’s safe to say that this cleanse with Osteobroth will be repeated in 2016, because I looked and felt beautiful from the inside out! Happy New Year to me!


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