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12 Days of Christmas Cleanse: Cookie Swap Success

“Hi, I am Sarah and a I am a Swap Survivor.” That’s right! I went to a cookie exchange and sat amidst snickerdoodles, peanut brittle, gingerbread and booze, but I did not falter. During the holidays, there are festivities aplenty with glorious temptations that will prevent you from making healthful choices. How do you survive a serious detox during such food-tastic time?  By following just 4 simple steps you can thrive through this cleanse:
1.       Eat before your event.  You will be less enticed if you arrive already sufficiently stuffed.
2.       Bring your own mock-tail. Silly word, but not-so-silly when you’re still fitting in with your own fancy drink. I suggest something bubbly like Pellegrino, fresh cranberries or pomegranate seeds and a lime wedge in a wine glass. 
3.       You can look but you can’t touch. No one wants to hear you complain about how you can’t enjoy yourself during such a joyful, sugar-filled experience. Cookies are both aesthetically pleasing and aromatic, so take a whiff! Appreciate the goodness around you and bask in the glory of going home guilt-free. 
4.       Tell your story. Sharing your detox and excitement of getting back to health prior to Christmas day is a great conversation to share. Not only will it be a nice reminder that your sacrifice is for a purpose, but then you also have reinforcement when/if you reach for that peppermint bark!
Keep up the great work and Broth On!

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