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12 Days of Christmas Cleanse

Do you look back on the last decade of Christmas photos and think 'Gosh, maybe I should have skipped that extra piece of pie at Thanksgiving'. Thanksgiving is the launching holiday of bad diet decisions: one slice of pumpkin cheesecake leads to biting off the head of a snowman sugar cookie and next thing you know, the only thing that fits you on Christmas is the ugly Christmas sweater that you purchased as a gag.  
There is scientific reason that you are still reaching for candy canes although Thanksgiving was weeks ago.  According to MIT research project Decoding the Sugar Addiction, "compulsive sugar consumption is mediated by a different neural circuit than physiological, healthy eating." Meaning, your desire for sugar is fueled by eating sugar. Sugar is addicting!  Fear not- you can curb these hankerings and look fabulous in your red and green smock by Christmas Eve by joining us in The 12 Days of Christmas Cleanse.  
The purpose of this cleanse is to get back to fundamental health by eliminating the top food allergens from your diet.  Bone broth is a great source of collagen, which is known for its gut-healing properties because it lines the intestines like a tarp, filling in the microperforations caused by food intolerance, like gluten, that cause many discomfort.  What will you be eliminating?
  • processed sugars
  • soy
  • all grains including corn
  • dairy
  • shellfish
  • tree nuts
  • meat

    Starting on Dec.12, and going through Dec. 23, nourish your body with 2 servings of Osteobroth daily, fruits, vegetables, and the occasional egg. An example of a daily intake may be:
    • breakfast: 2 egg whites with spinach and raspberries
    • snack: Osteobroth with lemon juice
    • lunch: large spinach and kale salad with celery, sliced apples and shaved carrot, topped with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing
    • snack: red pepper slices
    • dinner: 10 min. butternut squash soup with fresh sage and cinnamon made with Osteobroth
    When you're feeling fabulous in that Christmas dress or suit, I want pictures! Merry Cleansing!
    Yours in health,


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