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Revive Those New Year Resolutions with Bone Broth

It’s March…how are those New Year resolutions going? We’re well into 2015, and if you’re looking for ways to get back on track and aren’t up to speed on the latest healthy food trends, allow us to catch you up to speed on one you certainly need to know: bone broth. 

Seeing bone broth at the top of The Sweat Life’s “In the Know: 7 Healthy Food Trends for 2015” list made us beam a bit, naturally. Registered dietitian Dara Godfrey included bone broth among matcha, millet, tigernuts, hemp seeds, insect flour, and fermented foods as frontrunners to get onboard with.

Nutritious? Check. Delicious? Check. Hydrating? Check.

Godfrey’s assessment will motivate you to get those health aspirations in check and add that daily dose of broth to your life:

“Move over chicken soup... here comes a new and tasty elixir. With the recent opening of Brodo in Manhattan, a tiny take-away window serving up steaming bone broth, it’s no surprise that the warm, animal bone concoction is here to stay. Super nutrient-dense, this broth contains healthy collagen and amino acids that may improve digestion, aid in joint pain and inflammation, and make your skin glow. If anything, it is super hydrating!”

If you’re dreading adding a healthy food to your routine that is time consuming, never fear. While homemade bone broth is typically a day-long process, prepping a packet of Osteobroth will only take a couple of minutes from your schedule. Plus, when compared to homemade, there’s the added perk of more of that miracle-worker collagen in each packet.

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