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Better Skin Without the Injection: Enter, Bone Broth

Great skin is definitely an aspiration we can get behind, and when you can come by it naturally? We’re in.

We’re clearly bone broth devotees because of the many health hats it dons: immune system champion, promoter of bone growth, healer of the gut, inflammation fighter, etc. While those are the more commonly known benefits, skin rejuvenation is another big player.

This Hollywood Homestead article gives the scoop on why bone broth is a healthy, easy alternative to botox. Biggest takeaway? Like with most health and wellness concerns, effective skincare usually starts from the inside out, and bone broth can help thanks to a little friend called collagen. 

Author Sylvie McCracken elaborates:

“As we lose collagen, the skin becomes thinner and creases (aka wrinkles) form. So, if you really want to get rid of wrinkles permanently, you’ve got to increase your collagen levels. You can apply collagen creams to your face to get rid of wrinkles, but the skin is inferior at absorbing it. There are a lot of oral collagen supplements that you can buy which is slightly better because the collagen is better absorbed.  But they are pricey and liquid is always easier to absorb than pills…”

Bone broth contains a high amount of collagen, and a major perk is an obvious one: no needles. Bone broth is a sippable, convenient way to transform the skin and get a plethora of other beneficial nutrients. Osteobroth offers at least 50% collagen in each packet, which is a significantly higher amount than what you’ll typically find in a serving of homemade broth.

Digestion is another factor to consider. Because of bone broth’s stellar amino acid and collagen profile, it is a highly digestible food. Digestion is a crucial component in absorbing the necessary nutrients for skin health and rejuvenation.

McCracken goes on to explain:

"Oh, and bone broth also happens to be a digestion superfood.  This is because it contains loads of gelatin.  Gelatin helps digestion by soothing the GI tract (source).  It also binds with water, which makes it a lot easier to eat cooked foods because water is reintroduced into the food (source)."

Next time you're looking in the mirror and feel like your skin could use a little lift or a little love, consider ditching the needles and stirring up some bone broth.  

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